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Used Cars Charlotte NC

Used Cars Charlotte NC

Used Cars Charlotte NC

The term ‘Used Car’ often generates a negative connotation within the minds of consumers, which is nothing short of disappointing in this day and age. The image of the Used Car dealer is slowly fading to represent what the industry has become over the last 6 years.

I mention the last 6 years due to the downturn in the economy and the competition that grew as a result of it. No longer were dealers going to be able to stay in business with poor quality vehicles and even poorer quality customer service. The good just got better, and the bad went out of business.

The best of Charlotte’s used car dealerships are now on the same par as many franchise dealerships when it comes to vehicle preparation, financing option and customer care after the used car has been purchased. Finally, one of the largest attractions to the franchise dealership when purchasing a used vehicle was the warranty that the dealer was willing to offer. The best of the dealerships will now have a range of warranties to offer you, and in the same way that we would insure our vehicles against damage in an accident, these warranties cover you encase of mechanical failure.

Charlotte’s dealerships are varied in regards to the types of vehicles that they specialize in selling. For the consumer, this can be a very positive business practice. Dealers who focus their buying attention on to a specific segment of the market are much more likely to have honed their skills and developed in-depth knowledge of the vehicles which they will be successful with.

Although the economic outlook has changed and developed dramatically over the last decade, the overall quality of the vehicles that were produced over the last two decades is a dramatic improvement in comparison to the 80’s & 90’s. One of the driving factors behind this large advancement is due to the number of imported vehicles from Germany and Japan. To be able to compete with American made vehicles, the foreign companies had to produce vehicles of a higher standard to entice buyers from their American made vehicle.

It isn’t a well-known fact, however vehicles sold in the United States have the shortest recommended distance between oil changes! Many European Countries have service intervals 3 times longer than in the US. Overall the quality of the engineering that vehicles are being produced with currently is multiples of times better than even 10 years ago, for a fraction of the cost. As a result, even 4cyl models are now easily capable of hundreds of thousands of miles, as long as regular maintenance is being carried out. The used car market has changed dramatically as a result of these engineering developments.

With higher initial quality, far superior fit and finish to both internal and external vehicle cosmetics, used cars have never been better quality than they are now. Granted, prices of used vehicles are at an all time high, and this makes purchasing your used car from a reputable dealer all the more important.

Franchise dealers have been offering and promoting their warranties with used vehicles for a number of years now. The best of the Non-franchise Used Car Dealerships are also now happy to provide warranties on their vehicles. Prior to being promoted for sale on the used car lots, vehicles will have to pass a rigorous inspection with fully trained technicians. Dealers live and die by their reputation and when a vehicle has a substantial issue, and is spotted by one of their technicians, they would much rather send it back to the auction, than pass it on to one of their customers. This is especially relevant when the dealer offers in house financing. The last thing a Buy Here Pay Here, or Special Financing Dealer wants to do is sell you a suspect Used Car and then for you to have issues with it.

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