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Our Customer Reviews
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Sharon Miller
- Concord
2007 Toyota Camry
Easy going place, i came in test drove the car, even got to take it home. came back and bought it. Donnie was a good sales person!
Customer Pic
Lisa Brooks
- Laurel hill
2006 lincoln navigator
Called last year Natasha was very patient and came in for my Valentines present and bought my car.
Customer Pic
Tanya Neal
- Charlotte
2005 chevrolet Trailblazer
Ride Now Motors was the best experience ever with amount down to payments a month to quick service, got me in quicker then me being in an convenient store. Eddie and Donnie also had me laughing from the time i walked into Ride Now Motors. Everyone made it easy, comfortable and fast. Just want to say thank you. I'm recommending everyone to look no further, Ride Now Motors is it...
Customer Pic
Wakeisha Peele
- Charlotte
2005 Jeep Cherokee
I have bad credit, i wasn t for sure they was going to finance me. They were very professional. I found the vehicle i like and payments i could afford. I will tell my friends about Ride Now Motors.
Customer Pic
Tondra Franklin
- Charlotte
2011 Toyota Camry
I really enjoyed the service that I was giving, an most of all i really enjoy my new car....
Customer Pic
Wesley Dunbar
- Charlotte
2005 Ford expedition
Customer Pic
Aaron Mcpherson
- Chicago
2004 Ford F150 Supercrew cab
Excellent customer service! They made the process very easy and stress free. Thanks!
Customer Pic
Johnathan Kitchen
- Matthews
2003 mitsubishi Lancer
My experience at Ride Now Motors was amazing. I was approached with friendly customer service and Tim O. was an outstanding help, he helped me with all my problems and any questions or concerns that I had. The enviroment was friendly as well, everyone had smiles on their faces. I am greatful to Ride Now Motors for everything they have done for me and encourge anyone wanting to buy a car to shop at Ride Now Motors first. Thanks !!
Customer Pic
Lisa Brown
- Charlotte
2011 Nissan Altima
My experience was fantastic. I came in to look around and found a nice car. Donny got me pre-approved to test drive the car. Original I was going to have to make the down payment in two parts. When I came in with the bulk of the down payment and left,Donny called me back in about 30 minutes saying "Come get your car girl". I couldn't believe it. Not only was I able to get my car but Eddie also dropped the cost of the car. This place is "da bomb!!!"
Customer Pic
Zykeista White
- Charlotte
2008 Saturn Aura
my second some time buying a car from them and i absolutely LOVE them. very great customer service and will help get you inside a car ! Come see Tony or Natasha.
Ride Now Motors
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Weekdays: 9am - 7pm
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Ride Now Motors
5104 Hwy 74 West Monroe, NC 28110
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Ride Now Motors is a Charlotte used car dealership. We buy, sell, and trade quality used cars. At Ride Now Motors, our buy here pay here financing program can get you an auto loan approval for a used car, truck or SUV - even if you have no credit, bad credit, bankruptcy, collections, or any other derogatory credit. At Ride Now Motors, we can get you outside lender for financing or we can get you in-house financing.

Our job is to gather all the information required to get you the used car and financing you deserve. We know that trying to find a particular used car can be tiresome, and instead of you driving all over town or making dozens of calls, we do the hard work for you. With up to 300 used cars in stock at our two locations in Charlotte and Monroe, the choice of used vehicles is rarely better. If we don't have exactly what you are looking for we do have a used car finding program available.

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Car salespeople are not renowned for having the best reputation with the general public and are often viewed as being less than reputable. Ride Now Motors acknowledges this and we have made efforts to tackle this issue head on, by altering the way that we find, recruit and train our sales staff.

In our opinion a sales associate should represent and reflect the ethos of the company that they work with and treat customers with the same respect and openness that the company shows to them. As a result of this recruitment style and way of treating our employees, we have the knowledge that they will engage our customers in the same way as any of the owners would.

Our sales style helps our customers ensure that they are making a smart buying decision and we refuse to finance a customer for a vehicle that they cannot afford. Ride Now Motors owns the finance company that helps customers with lower credit scores purchase their next vehicle. As a result we are thinking in a different way to most other dealerships, as some Used Car Dealerships are concentrating on selling as many vehicles as possible, regardless of the customers financial commitments. In the trade we refer this to ‘Helping a customer into too much vehicle’. This practice often stretches customer’s finances to breaking point and the used vehicle that they have spent their hard earned money on, often ends up being repossessed.

Unfortunately bad things can happen to good people. Our customers credit can be affected for a variety of reasons and they can end up with very poor credit scores. This is something that we are very aware of and willing to work with. Many of our customers have:

·         No Credit

·         Bankruptcy

·         Repossessions

·         Are being pursued by collection companies

·         Severely damaged credit

And although they might of been refused by other used car dealers, we are more than happy to sit with customers and review their financial situation and their credit history to make purchasing a car from us a reality. We don’t like giving up on our customers, and although we sometimes require a larger down payment, we are normally successful in our goal.

What to expect:

When you interact with our sales staff you can expect to be treated with dignity and respect. They will discuss your situation with you, ask questions to establish how they can be most effective in helping you, take pleasure in organizing test drives of your desired vehicles, and be honest and open with you as to what your financing options are how they will impact you and your finances.

We don’t believe in cloak and dagger methods of trying to nickel and dime a customer out of a few extra dollars. We aren’t just selling you a vehicle; we are financing one for you as well. This results in us being in a long-term relationship with our customers and we need to take into account what is going to be best for you, the customer, in the long term as it is in our best interest to make sure the transaction is successful until the vehicle is fully owned by the customer.

If you want to experience what the car buying experience should be like, give us a call or organize a test drive with one of our sales professionals. 

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Driving ‘Green’


The 21st century has never been a ‘greener’ world—every time you turn around you’re hearing “green this”, “green that” from everything from the fruits and foods we eat to the cars we drive; it has to be ‘green’.  Every time we turn on the TV or radio, we’re seeing and hearing commercials for saving the Earth, reducing pollution, and living—‘green’, right?  But it’s much easier said than done, or is it, what can one person, you, what difference can you make, especially with bouncing gas pump prices?  Well, this is today’s discussion, how to drive ‘green’.

First, let’s look at being ‘green’.  What does it really mean to go ‘green’.  The new definition of ‘green’ simply means utilizing resources and alternatives in as many aspects of everyday living as we possibly can to limit consumption of the planet’s more natural and irreplaceable resources.  Again, this means from the foods we eat, hence the growing popularity in ‘organic’ foods, to using ‘paperless’ or electronic/e-billing options, to the type of cars we drive, such as the growing popularity with Hybrids, or how and how much we drive.  It is our hope that by going ‘green’, we will preserve and protect the Earth; for example, if everyone turned to e-billing, no more trees would be cut down to make paper.  So what can you do become a ‘green’ driver? Let’s take a look.


Driving  Green – Reduce  Vehicle  Weight

You’re probably thinking how in the world to you reduce the weight of car, right?  This is actually really simple—remove any extra crap you don’t really need or use while you’re driving.  If the trunk of your car is bogged down with a lot of extra stuff like heavy tools and sports equipment, take that stuff out!  The heavier your car is, the more it will require and consume.  Naturally, the lighter your car is, it will have an easier load and travel farther with the same or less amount of fuel you were using before.  Remember this; you’re losing 2% of fuel for every extra 100 pounds of weight added to your car.  That may not seem like much, but when you’re filling up two or more times a week, you’ll know why.


Driving  Green – Tire  Pressure

Believe it or not, tire pressure also plays a critical role in how much of a load is placed on your car and how much fuel it consumes.  When your tires are properly inflated, it lightens the load of your car, and therefore increases your fuel efficiency.  Know the rule of thumb for tire pressure; lower temperatures 40° or less, will automatically deflate your tires 2-3psi, so you should set them 2-3psi higher than the requirements.  Warmer temperatures, 80° or higher will automatically inflate your tires 2-3psi, so set them 2-3psi lower than requirements.


Driving  Green – Freeways,  Stop & Gos,  60mph

Constant stop-and-gos that usually occur during ‘city driving’ or ‘street driving’ will quickly decrease fuel economy because every time you stop at a traffic signal or stop sign, or car is to rebuild the momentum to begin moving again, and this consumes additional fuel.  It’s best to drive the freeway whenever possible because it greatly reduces the chance of constant stop-and-gos, which saves fuel.  The EPA has reported that your car reaches its maximum fuel efficiency at approximately 60mph, but that fuel efficiency drops 6% for every 5mph over 60mph, so keep your freeway speed to 60mph.


Driving  Green – Carpool

Yes, we know, you’ve heard this one before; well that’s because carpooling has proven to be one of the most effective ways to reduce overall air pollution, traffic, and releasing of vehicle emissions.  The concept goes like this; when people carpool, less vehicles are on the road, people are saving fuel because they’re driving their car less than normal, and the less vehicles that are on the road, there will be less vehicle emissions released into the air/atmosphere, which will ultimately help in the fight in reducing pollution and saving the Ozone Layer.


Driving  Green – Mid-Grade  &  Premium  Fuel  Only

That’s right, pay a little bit more at the gas pump per visit, and use the mid-grade fuel or premium fuel.  Again, you’ll spend a little more at the pump per visit, but you’ll also save a great deal more in the long run and have fewer trips to the pump.  Mid-grade and premium fuels are better and safer for the environment, as well as your car, and they burn slower, which means your gas will last longer, and you spend less at the gas pump in the long run.

So there you have it, 5 great ways to start driving ‘green’, however, if you’re a true environmentalist, or just someone who has decided to fully pursue this; you can also purchase a Hybrid vehicle or vehicles equipped with EcoBoost engines.




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Communicate With Your Creditors


Every working adult, or even every unemployed adult for that matter, knows there will always be bills to pay—there’s just no way around it.  Paying bills is a necessity in life.  In the today’s society, you simply cannot stay afloat if you fail to pay your bills.  Unfortunately, there’s a bill for absolutely everything; utilities, trash, water, sewer, taxes, groceries, cell phone, home phone, rent and mortgages, car payments, health insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, internet, car repairs, routine car maintenance, kids’ clothes and toys, baby food and supplies, doctor bills—the list just goes on and on.  If you’re a small business owner; your bills are doubled, tripled, and in some cases, quadrupled.

As mentioned in several previous articles, the U.S. is still being held within the grips of a recession and the economy is staggering and faltering.  The poor economic status has resulted in an increase of foreclosures, corporate downsizing and outsourcing, and higher unemployment rates across the country which has made it more difficult for the average family and middle-class, blue-collar workforce to pay even the most basic bills required to get by.

There are several, major reasons bills are not paid;

ü  Failure to Communicate With Creditors

ü  Lack of Income

ü  Failure to Prioritize

ü  Procrastination

ü  Intentional Neglect

Any one of the reasons listed above can singlehandedly result in unpaid bills, but in most cases, it’s usually a combination of several or more of them.  Did you notice the very first one? Failure to communicate with your creditors is the biggest reasons bills are not paid.  That’s what we’re going to discuss today—how and why you should communicate with your creditors, what are the pros and cons of communicating with your creditors?


Why  Communicate  With  Your  Creditors?

Have you ever had a past due bill and told yourself, “I don’t have the money, so no point in calling, I’ll just pay it when I have the money”—haven’t you told yourself that before? Or, at the very least, you know someone who says and does that.  Stop it!  That’s the worst thing you can do!  Always, always, always, communicate with your creditor!  Here are reasons to communicate with your creditors;

ü  You Show Responsibility – When you talk to your creditors regarding your past due bill, it tells them you’re aware of it, and you honestly want to resolve the matter. When they see this; creditors are more lenient and more inclined to make arrangements.

ü  New Options – In most cases, speaking with creditors regarding your past due bill will open a door of new options on resolving your pas due bill that ordinarily aren’t available to you if you fail to communicate.

ü  Cancelled Interruptions – Speaking to creditors and setting arrangements will surely cancel any scheduled service interruptions or non-payment disconnections, which usually carry additional fees upon re-connection.

ü  Reduced Balance – Many creditors are willing to reduce your payment amount and will accept partial payments to prevent service interruptions, but this will only happen if you speak and communicate with them.

ü  Extensions – Sometimes, you may just need a little more time to pay a bill; well creditors love it when you’re calling to simply ask for more time, and you’re not disputing the amount of the bill or its delinquency—9 of 10 times, you will be granted extra time.


Keep  Records

Alright, this one is simple and self-explanatory—keep records of your bill payments, usage, and conversations anytime you speak with your creditors.  This also shows you take responsibility and you’re fully aware of the status of your account and/or previous conversations regarding it.  The best way to keep records is thru ebilling; the process of having your bill sent to you by email—this eliminates stacks of paper mail, and you should also type the important details of your conversations; who you spoke to, their extension number, the department you spoke to, arrangement dates and amounts, confirmation numbers, payment methods (check, credit card, etc).


How  to  Communicate  With  Creditors

How you speak to your creditors when you do communicate with them is very important.  As a former 1st and 3rd party bill collector and Skip Tracer for over 10 years, I can tell you—DO NOT shout, yell, cuss, throw un-proved accusations and demand a manager or supervisor—that is the quickest way to NOT getting the help you need.

Call and speak to your creditors in a respectful, courteous, and firm tone.  Be honest about having a past due amount and what you’re capable of paying.  DO NOT give a ‘sob’ story—I promise you we’ve heard them all, and it will fall upon deaf ears.  Ask what are your options and how can you avoid service interruptions.

If you’re calling regarding a dispute—KNOW what you’re talking about—have your records in front of you, make sure you have a valid dispute, DO NOT become irate, politely ask for a manager or supervisor.




Know  Your  Rights

Sometimes when you communicate with creditors, the representative may be the aggressive person—especially commission-based, 3rd party bill collectors who often make illegal threats; you have to know your rights.  The best way to handle 3rd party bill collectors is to know the FDCPA and what the Mini-Miranda is.  Having knowledge of these two things will help you tremendously in dealing with aggressive 3rd party bill collectors; these laws state when and if a bill collector can call you at work, how often they can call, the consequences for a bill collector failing to recite the Mini-Miranda, what actual legal action a 3rd party collector may actually take, and the consequences for a 3rd party collector threatening action that they are legally unable to pursue.

Now, if you’ve truly paid attention to the paragraph above, you’ll notice something—the FDCPA and Mini-Miranda is only regarding 3rd party bill collectors; not 1st party, such as your local utility companies—again, you will just have to practice remaining calm, being respectful, professional, and yet firm. 

At Ride Now Motors we want to work with our customers to ensure that we understand the situations that life has presented to them. Please, always give us the chance to work with you and come to an understanding as to what we can all expect.

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