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Vickie Vadakin
- Charlotte
2006 Dodge Charger
The service they give is awesome. I have now bought two dream cars from them. They worked with me to get me into the car I wanted. Thank you guys again.
Customer Pic
Perry Mcknight
- Mount Holly
2004 Dodge Ram
my experience with ride now motors in Monroe was excellent. they where very helpful in listening to what i was looking. within my budget. they showed me what they had and i made my decision in buying a dodge 1500 truck. and i love it. thanks guys at ride now motors.
Customer Pic
Elsa Banegas
- Pineville
2007 Honda Pilot
pues si tienen bonitos carros y me gusto laatencion. muchas gracias por ayudarme con mi nuevo carro. gracias a Jose y a Diana en Monroe, Ride Now Motors.
Customer Pic
Eugene Reed
- Charlotte
2010 chevy camaro
This place is the best Freddie worked tirelessly with the banks to get me in the car of my dreams with not so good credit while Ryan the sales man did not hesitate to assist me in helping me pick this hot ride out thank you ride now team for a great job
Customer Pic
Mary Shaw
- charlotte
2009 Honda Civic
This was the best experience ever. This is my first time buy a car and I was very nervous and I didn't know what to expect. I saw the dream car I wanted and I was able to drive off with my car today. I love the staff they were very helpful. I love it.
Ride Now Motors
6353 E. Independence Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28212
(704) 994-5533
Weekdays: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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Ride Now Motors
5104 Hwy 74 West Monroe, NC 28110
(704) 312-7444
Weekdays: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sunday: Closed


Ride Now Motors is a Charlotte used car dealership. We buy, sell, and trade quality used cars. At Ride Now Motors, our buy here pay here financing program can get you an auto loan approval for a used car, truck or SUV - even if you have no credit, bad credit, bankruptcy, collections, or any other derogatory credit. At Ride Now Motors, we can get you outside lender for financing or we can get you in-house financing.

Our job is to gather all the information required to get you the used car and financing you deserve. We know that trying to find a particular used car can be tiresome, and instead of you driving all over town or making dozens of calls, we do the hard work for you. With up to 300 used cars in stock at our two locations in Charlotte and Monroe, the choice of used vehicles is rarely better. If we don't have exactly what you are looking for we do have a used car finding program available.

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Ride Now Motors – Customer Service

It is a shame that we now perceive talking to a human straight away when we call a large corporation ‘Good Customer Service’, or refreshing. Long gone are the days where talking to a telephone operator was standard procedure. I’m sure that there are people out there who are pleased with that situation, however at Ride Now Motors we feel that 99% of the population would much rather talk to a human being, rather than a faceless, electronic voiced entity.

Well, we want to work with that 99%. Buying a car, new or used, is a big investment, normally coming second to a house purchase. It is our aim to not only have superior sales staff to help you find and finance your next vehicle, but amazing support staff to ensure that you are happy with your vehicle, long term.

We take great measures to ensure the car and trucks that appear on our sales lots are fully inspected prior to going on sale. We have worked incredibly hard to define our buying processes to ensure that we are selling the most reliable, reputable vehicles in the marketplace today. It is our intention to keep the attention to detail going in our after purchase care of our customers.

Regardless of the precautions we take in purchasing and preparing our vehicles, something can, or will go wrong during the time that you own the vehicle. That, we just can’t help. During the financing period our customers could face a wide range of financial difficulties or life events. That, they can’t help. What we can help however is how we deal with issues, as and when they do arise.

Ride Now Motors approaches their customer service in the same as we approach our sales initiatives, in the respect that we like to be a little bit different. We have a vast amount of experience to call upon as a result of the thousands of cars we have sold and the many years we have spent in the industry. We know that bad things can happen to good people, more importantly, we are also aware that most challenges in life are short term at best.

We are proud to have staff dedicated to work with our customers throughout the process of resolving challenges. We understand that being passed from department to department, and associate to associate, can be very, very frustrating indeed. Being able to contact one person and deal with them directly is something that we felt our customers would find incredibly advantageous. Sounds like common sense? We thought so as well.

We don’t have strict policies for how we deal with different issues either. Each challenge is unique to that customer and categorizing them prior to discussing the situation with them. Does this mean that we will always be able to help? No. As wonderful as that would be, it just isn’t realistic. Treating our customers with respect and trying to help IS realistic however.

No one aspect of a customers experience in purchasing a used car is going to make it exceptional. At Ride Now Motors we believe that it takes a combination of factors that come together and result in the amazing reviews that we receive on a daily basis.

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Driving ‘Green’


The 21st century has never been a ‘greener’ world—every time you turn around you’re hearing “green this”, “green that” from everything from the fruits and foods we eat to the cars we drive; it has to be ‘green’.  Every time we turn on the TV or radio, we’re seeing and hearing commercials for saving the Earth, reducing pollution, and living—‘green’, right?  But it’s much easier said than done, or is it, what can one person, you, what difference can you make, especially with bouncing gas pump prices?  Well, this is today’s discussion, how to drive ‘green’.

First, let’s look at being ‘green’.  What does it really mean to go ‘green’.  The new definition of ‘green’ simply means utilizing resources and alternatives in as many aspects of everyday living as we possibly can to limit consumption of the planet’s more natural and irreplaceable resources.  Again, this means from the foods we eat, hence the growing popularity in ‘organic’ foods, to using ‘paperless’ or electronic/e-billing options, to the type of cars we drive, such as the growing popularity with Hybrids, or how and how much we drive.  It is our hope that by going ‘green’, we will preserve and protect the Earth; for example, if everyone turned to e-billing, no more trees would be cut down to make paper.  So what can you do become a ‘green’ driver? Let’s take a look.


Driving  Green – Reduce  Vehicle  Weight

You’re probably thinking how in the world to you reduce the weight of car, right?  This is actually really simple—remove any extra crap you don’t really need or use while you’re driving.  If the trunk of your car is bogged down with a lot of extra stuff like heavy tools and sports equipment, take that stuff out!  The heavier your car is, the more it will require and consume.  Naturally, the lighter your car is, it will have an easier load and travel farther with the same or less amount of fuel you were using before.  Remember this; you’re losing 2% of fuel for every extra 100 pounds of weight added to your car.  That may not seem like much, but when you’re filling up two or more times a week, you’ll know why.


Driving  Green – Tire  Pressure

Believe it or not, tire pressure also plays a critical role in how much of a load is placed on your car and how much fuel it consumes.  When your tires are properly inflated, it lightens the load of your car, and therefore increases your fuel efficiency.  Know the rule of thumb for tire pressure; lower temperatures 40° or less, will automatically deflate your tires 2-3psi, so you should set them 2-3psi higher than the requirements.  Warmer temperatures, 80° or higher will automatically inflate your tires 2-3psi, so set them 2-3psi lower than requirements.


Driving  Green – Freeways,  Stop & Gos,  60mph

Constant stop-and-gos that usually occur during ‘city driving’ or ‘street driving’ will quickly decrease fuel economy because every time you stop at a traffic signal or stop sign, or car is to rebuild the momentum to begin moving again, and this consumes additional fuel.  It’s best to drive the freeway whenever possible because it greatly reduces the chance of constant stop-and-gos, which saves fuel.  The EPA has reported that your car reaches its maximum fuel efficiency at approximately 60mph, but that fuel efficiency drops 6% for every 5mph over 60mph, so keep your freeway speed to 60mph.


Driving  Green – Carpool

Yes, we know, you’ve heard this one before; well that’s because carpooling has proven to be one of the most effective ways to reduce overall air pollution, traffic, and releasing of vehicle emissions.  The concept goes like this; when people carpool, less vehicles are on the road, people are saving fuel because they’re driving their car less than normal, and the less vehicles that are on the road, there will be less vehicle emissions released into the air/atmosphere, which will ultimately help in the fight in reducing pollution and saving the Ozone Layer.


Driving  Green – Mid-Grade  &  Premium  Fuel  Only

That’s right, pay a little bit more at the gas pump per visit, and use the mid-grade fuel or premium fuel.  Again, you’ll spend a little more at the pump per visit, but you’ll also save a great deal more in the long run and have fewer trips to the pump.  Mid-grade and premium fuels are better and safer for the environment, as well as your car, and they burn slower, which means your gas will last longer, and you spend less at the gas pump in the long run.

So there you have it, 5 great ways to start driving ‘green’, however, if you’re a true environmentalist, or just someone who has decided to fully pursue this; you can also purchase a Hybrid vehicle or vehicles equipped with EcoBoost engines.




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How  to  Establish A  Monthly  Budget


In today’s working class, which is practically every able-bodied adult, everyone wants to earn, save, or invest enough money to do more than simply, ‘get-by’, right?  The plague of this never-ending cycle otherwise known as ‘paying bills’, never seems to loosen its grip upon the people of the United States.  The U.S economy has stumbled since 2008, when the current recession began; making it more difficult for the working class to earn a living and provide for their families.  Statistics and reports have shown a steady increase in unemployment rates across the country, corporate downsizing, layoffs, and overseas outsourcing, and as of June 2014, the National Deficit was a reported $17.6 trillion dollars!

Despite popular belief, the U.S. has not recovered from the recession; little progress has been made to be quite honest.  Because of a dilapidated economy, many people have resorted to alternative means of supplementing their income, unfortunately, these means only places them farther into debt.  Reluctantly, many people chosen to ‘cash-out’ their 401Ks as an alternative source of income, sadly, this is only a temporary solution that consumes all retirement savings.  Others have taken out repeated payday and title loans, whose interest rates are astronomical as Wikipedia explains how a $100 14-day loan can have an interest rate anywhere from 391% to 3733%!  There are also heavy repercussions for defaulting on a payday or title loan; it can severely damage your credit, you can be legally sued in a court of law, and you could even lose your car.

With the economic status as defunct as it is, many working class Americans, the middle-class more specifically, have realized now, more than ever, the importance and necessity of budgeting and adapting to ‘get-by’ with ‘less’.  For some reason, the word ‘budget’ and/or ‘budgeting’, causing a lot of people to cringe.  Why?  Because when you budget, you have to place financial restrictions upon yourself, you have to differentiate ‘wants’ from ‘needs’, and you can no longer indulge or splurge on those wants—and the truth is, no one likes the thought of having to do that, and no one wants to do that.  So now the question is; how do you create a monthly budget?

Find  Motivation  to  Budget

Well, first of all, you start by getting yourself in the mindset of doing the things mentioned in the last paragraph.  Find a source of motivation; maybe you’re trying to buy a new house or car, or maybe you know your kids are depending on you to provide for them—whatever it is, find a reason to get and stay motivated and self-disciplined.  If you know why, you've decided to start budgeting, and if you have a specific goal as the end result, you’re more likely to see it through and be successful.


Why  A  Monthly  Budget?

The reason for budgeting on a monthly scale is because that’s how 90% or more of the working class operates, society itself actually; on a month-to-month basis.  Think about it; you pay bills monthly, your job pays twice per month, businesses calculate their annual profit and loss by monthly totals—this is simply the way America functions, we’re a ‘monthly’ country.  Therefore, you need to be able maintain month-to-month.


Set  Your  Goals

Although a goal can be a source of motivation, it is not the same as motivation.  Your motivation is your ‘driving-force’, so-to-speak, your ‘goal’, is what you’re actually working to accomplish and achieve by budgeting.  It’s a good practice to set long-term and short-term goals.  An example of a short-term goal would be buying that new car, or a late model used car, in one year.  Always remember you can modify your goals as needed, and you should always know ‘why’ you’re working towards a goal, and lastly, your goals are always priority.


Be  Aware  of  Your  Income

Before you can create a budget, you have to know how much money or income will be available to you each month.  The best way to get that amount is to base your budget upon your Net Income.  Your net income is essentially the amount of your paycheck after taxes and deductions.  Once you have that figure, you can then begin planning your budget.


Planning  Your  Budget

Split your net income between ‘fixed expenses’, such as a monthly car payment, and ‘variable expenses’ such as grocery shopping totals, which may vary.  Monitor these expenses to determine what adjustments can or should be made, and what works best for you.  It’s always a good idea to maintain some type of savings in cases of emergency.


Track,  Track,  &  Track

Always track your spending.  This can be a major headache, a migraine actually, but there are plenty of software programs to assist you in accomplishing this.  Most Android and iPhones even have apps that can help you as well.  And if all else fails, simply hold on to your receipts.


Customizing  Your  Budget

Budgeting doesn't have to viewed as a punishment, there are perks to it, afterall, it is ‘your’ budget, so tailor it to your measurements until it fits ‘you’, that is, unless you’re the husband, then ‘she’ sets the rules.  Keep in mind, you can only customize the ‘variable expenses’ portion of your budget—the ‘fixed expenses’ are labeled that for a reason.  An example is; maybe you cut back on dining out and going to the movies so you’ll have extra cash for the new HD flat screen TV—do what works best for you.


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