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What to Know About Autocheck

What to Know About Autocheck

What to Know About Autocheck


Purchasing a new vehicle, whether new or used, is a major decision—but perhaps this decision warrants greater importance when purchasing a used vehicle.  Why?  Purchasing a new vehicle eliminates the need of knowing or obtaining the vehicle's maintenance and accident history, because there isn't one.  More than likely, you've heard the names; Edmunds.com, AutoTrader.com, and CarFax, when it comes to obtaining the history of an used vehicle, but there's another player on this field that many auto consumers are paying more and more attention to—Autocheck.



History, Benefits & Services

Autocheck is owned and primarily operated by the credit reporting agency, Experian, and provides consumers with much more information than simple accident and/or repair history.  Upon visiting the company's website, www.autocheck.com, potential pre-owned vehicle buyers will find;

?  Autocheck has an A+ rating with the BBB

?  Discloses whether or not a vehicle has been repossessed or stolen

?  Provides consumer buying tips and articles

?  Discloses whether or not the vehicle has a “Lemon Title” or “Salvage Title”

?  Autocheck partners with Automotive leaders such as; KBB.com, Autotrader, Edmunds.com, and more

?  Offers consumers dealership information

?  Provides an array of various services (some services require minor fees)




How To Use Autocheck

So you may be asking yourself how does it work?  The process is simple; to obtain a vehicle history report, simply type in the vehicle's VIN number or license plate number.  Consumers are given the option of selecting an individual report such as an Accident Report, or a full report which is a compilation of all available reports.  In most cases, a fee is generally accessed with the order of a report.  Fees may vary and are dependent upon the requested or ordered report.



Things To Know

Has Authocheck peeked your interest yet?  If so, there's some pertinent information you should take into consideration prior to utilizing the Autocheck website.  Taking a few moments to review Autocheck's Terms of Use, can save you unnecessary grief and/or legal entanglements.  Knowing whether you're a “Personal” user or “Commercial” user will ensure you have a very pleasant Autocheck experience.

?  Commercial Users – Autocheck defines commercial users as. . ."Commercial Use" means use by any person engaged in the business of buying or selling automotive vehicles, the resale or redistribution of the Reports, or any other business or commercial purpose. Any attempt to retrieve AutoCheck Reports via automated means will be deemed Commercial Use in violation of the terms of this Agreement.  

?  Personal User – A personal user is an individual not engaged or involved in the buying and selling of automobiles or an individual that has a professional title in the automotive industry.  A personal user is essentially the everyday consumer.

For further usage details, please visit the Terms and Conditions page of the Autocheck website.



Autocheck vs. The Competition

Autocheck's primary competitor is Carfax, who started the business of making vehicle history reports available to the public in 1984.  Despite other franchises such as Edmunds.com and Autotrader, Carfax stalwartly maintained its top-ranking position until the emergence of Autocheck.  Determining which of the two deserves the number one placement, varies depending upon your personal preference and source(s) of information for this study.

The truthaboutcars website provides one such study, with a relatively neck-and-neck race, ultimately granting Carfax a slight edge.  A reputable YouTube page, VinNumberLookupinfo, cites a draw between the two in its comparison video; stating each single-handedly dominates other competing entities the genre. In a third comparison performed by PDX Inspections, Autocheck clearly out-ranked Carfax by providing a much more detailed vehicle report as well as photos.



In conclusion, Autocheck is definitely a reputable vehicle history source and has earned its place at the top of the charts.  For more detailed information please visit the Autocheck website at, www.authocheck.com.







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